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We aim to provide a resource for missing and Doe cases that present a 360-degree perspective, reliable facts and respectful discussion.

The current active cases are Black Watch John Doe and Rustler John Doe.

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Missouri Missing Co-Founder Looking To Purchase Home Where Daughter Was Killed

This trailer home and its small plot of land in Ivy Bend, Missouri is finally for sale- and Marianne Asher-Chapman has been waiting to purchase it.

This October 25th marks fifteen years since her daughter, Angie Yarnell disappeared. Her husband pleaded guilty to manslaughter. years later.
Michael Yarnell was released in […]

DNADoeProject Takes On The John “Clinton” Doe Case

DNA Doe Project has announced their newest case, John Clinton Doe.
We spoke to Jack Friess of FindJCD.org this summer and have been waiting for this news ever since.

John “Clinton” Doe was found on the morning of November 26th, 1995.
Between several investigative reports and witness accounts,  there were a few […]

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